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  Located in Pikeville Kentucky at 120 Pike Street, Thomas C. Cecil Lodge #375 was Chartered October 18, 1860. Members meet the 4th Friday of each month for regular business.



From The Archives Of The
Thomas C. Cecil Lodge
Album 1930

( Written over 80 years ago! )

What Masonry Has Meant To "Pike County"

ALMOST three-quarters of a century ago Pikeville was a tiny hamlet in the midst of a vast virgin wilderness.

But in its infancy Pikeville produced a group of farsighted and forward looking men. It was a part of these who banded together and organized a Masonic Lodge. On October 18, 1860, these men were granted a charter from the Grand Lodge of Kentucky and named the order in honor of Thomas C. Cecil, one of Pikeville's leading citizens of that day and a charter member of the Lodge.

With the development of this section  of Kentucky the lodge grew, keeping pace with progress and assisting in the moulding of unsurpassed citizenship.

Since the organization, the lodge has kept in close touch with the activities of Masons in Kentucky and other states and by this means has supplied its members with best thoughts, highest ideals and noblest acts. Strong leaders of the lodge have spread the influence of the local work by contributing to the elevation of Masonry in other communities.

On numerous occasions the Grand Lodge of Kentucky has shown its appreciation of the work done in Thomas C. Cecil Lodge by elevating some of its members to official positions in the Grand Lodge and to memberships of honor on various committees.

Nor have the Masons here been lacking in their benevolent practices. Burdens of destitute widows have been lessened and scores of homeless children have been placed where life would be sustained and the blessings of an education made possible. No effort has been made to supplant the church, but so strong has been the effort to promote sobriety, chastity and honesty that the lodge has become the most powerful auxiliary of the church.

The humblest toiler of the field and the professional man have been brought together in a strong tie of fraternity, each working for the development and salvation of humanity. These are but a few of the high ideals stressed by Masonry.

The archives of Thomas C. Cecil Lodge hold the names of a multitude, whom, faithful to the trust imposed in them, have lived out their days upon this earthly sphere and are now enjoying the more perfect life. Many of these men were recognized as great leaders of humanity in church and state.

Another multitude, now living, is also revealed, standing with outstretched hands anxious to lift the world nearer to Almighty God.


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